The Advantages Of Using Auto Repair POS Software

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Hardware and Software


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Mechanics and owners need to have appropriate POS software, which may be different than traditional retail shops and stores. Auto repair requires a very different set of options because you’re not just selling items or services. You’re doing both, as well as providing labor-intensive work that must be compensated, as well. Therefore, you’ll require specialty programs that are tailored for your use. With such, you’ll be able to maintain records, track inventory, and generate/record invoices.


If you’ve ever had repairs done on your vehicle, you have likely paid close attention to the bill, noting each detail. Every part that was installed will be listed and include such information as the serial number. Likewise, it will include details about the vehicle and owner, as well as labor and itemized costs. Traditional POS software can’t handle such details, which is why you need a program designed for auto repair shops.

Likewise, you may be able to include more information on your copy, which can help with record keeping and other needs.


It is essential that you keep inventory stocked. Human error may make it hard to keep track because when someone uses a part or is in a rush, they may not remove it from the list. However, with auto repair POS software, you’ll be able to include inventory needs, as well, keeping track of what’s available and alerting you when you need to order more.

Record Keeping

Records are essential, especially when it comes to your customers. You can store and retrieve information about a client and their vehicle, look up parts/services, change prices, and keep track of everything with a comprehensive program. Likewise, you may find a wide variety of options, all there to make your life and that of your employees much easier.

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