Get Great Driving and Parking Surfaces With a Commercial Paving Contractor

One thing almost every property owner will require is a reliable driving surface, even if that surface is only used to access the garage of a home. Of course, many residential properties make use of concrete for this task because concrete creates a reliable structure that handles most weight concerns reasonably well. However, concrete drives and parking areas tend to be expensive to install and repair. A commercial paving contractor can provide an excellent surface using asphalt pavement, also known as blacktop or tarmac.

Asphalt is a naturally occurring bitumen that has been in use for centuries. However, the material did not become useful until the late 1800s when it was developed into a mixture of bitumen and aggregates that can be laid over a flat surface and compacted in place. This process originally required heavy equipment known as the steamroller, but the current compacting machines use different methods since most modern asphalts require less heat. This reduces the expense of installation and keeps asphalt surface affordable.

Another reason an asphalt surface installed by a commercial paving contractor is budget friendly is that the material can be easily repaired. For example, small cracks can be sealed and large ones can be capped. Rough surfaces can be milled and a new layer applied. Each of these repairs will vary based on how much damage the surface has. Overlay repairs are typically easy jobs where the contractor cleans the surface using a power broom. Once the asphalt is ready, they place a layer of tack coating and then a layer of hot asphalt and compact the surface to remove any excess air.

Protecting the pavement is also much easier than it used to be with a process known as sealcoating. This task begins by cleaning the asphalt surface thoroughly and repairing any petroleum-saturated areas. Once the surface is prepared, it is primed with a bonding agent for better adhesion. Next is a mixture of coal tar emulsion, sand, and proprietary ingredients that coat the top layer of pavement. Sealcoating provides both protection and great looks because the protective covering takes the brunt of the weather and most of the wear from vehicles. Replacing the coating every few years can extend the service life of the asphalt surface. Learn more from the experts at website. You can also connect them on Facebook.


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