Suggestions about handling of a Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH

Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH usually takes place when a new honey bee hive or colony has been formed when a queen bee leaves its original hive with a group of worker bees to establish the new hive. Most honey bees are related to their founding queen as daughters and each other’s sisters.

For an egg that has been laid by the queen honey bee become another queen, when the egg hatches, special food must be given to the larvae so that when it becomes an adult bee, it is a new queen

A prime swarm is the movement of three-quarters of hives bees depart with the original queen when she leaves a hive. Afterswarms are smaller swarms where a virgin queen leaves with workers to start a new hive.

Swarms of bees may contain thousands of workers or tens of thousands, depending on the age and size of the colony. Most swarms take place in the springtime, within a period of two to three weeks in a geographic area. A swarm can happen throughout the time that the bees are active.

Swarms are a natural way that honey bees reproduce and form new colonies. An original colony may produce two or more colonies following a swarm. In some species of honey bees, the new swarms settle about twenty or thirty miles from the colony they came from and will send out scout bees.

Scout bees have the job of searching for a new location that a colony can establish itself. Scout bees will report back to the traveling swarm about a location that can become where the new colony makes its home.

There are times when a swarm of honey bees lands in a location that is not safe for the bees or people, such as the wheel well of a vehicle, or under the eaves of a residence or inside a structure such as a shed. When this takes place, it is a good idea to contact a company that has experience moving the swarm without harming the bees. For more information on how to handle a Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH Check out our website.


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