Suboxone: What Is It and Can It Help You Beat Your Addiction?

Opioid addiction is a serious problem in this country, especially for those suffering from the addiction. While no addiction is easy to beat, opioids can cause particularly painful and unpleasant withdrawals. This is because of the receptors in your brain that are triggered when an addictive drug is introduced. So, how does Suboxone work and what is it doing and should you seek out Suboxone treatment in Mobile Alabama or your local area?

How It Works

Suboxone works in a very simple way. It activates the same triggers in your brain that are activated by opioids. This causes the brain to think that you have taken the drug even though you have only taken Suboxone. Because Suboxone is a treatment drug, patients can be slowly weaned off of it and beat their addiction.

Will You Get High?

No, Suboxone does not provide the high or euphoria that many people experience when they take opioids. Since this high is the reason people abuse drugs, Suboxone has a very slim chance of being abused and will not give the abuser a high anyway. There are no psychoactive or otherwise inhibiting agents in it to cause this.


While beating an addiction is never easy Suboxone does make it easier. Patients taking Suboxone are more likely to succeed than those who do not, but you should still continue with any other rehab or support that you are currently involved with. Getting rid of an addiction is far from being a solely physical task. Much of it is mental as well, so these will help keep you on track.

With the right dedication, you can beat your opioid addiction, and Suboxone can help by relieving some of the withdrawal symptoms. As the dose is reduced, you can expect to see some symptoms, but nothing like you would experience without the assistance.

If you need Suboxone treatment in Mobile, AL then check out Southern Psychiatry. You can find out more on their website.


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