Siding Repair or Siding Replacement – Which is Best?

Does your home exterior need a new coat of paint? If the house is very old, chances are, you also have wood damage issues. Wood siding gives you one of the most attractive exteriors you can own, but proper maintenance is essential. If you notice damage, you have two options. You can try siding repair, or you may call a home improvement contractor. Here are pros and cons of each decision.

Fix Your Siding

Damaged panels are not hard to replace. However, you may need to sand and paint the panels, and this takes a lot of time. Also, if the siding is old, your repairs now look better than the rest of the home exterior.

In some cases, siding repair makes sense. For example, when hail or high winds damage siding, replacing the damaged panels is a good idea. However, trying to fix old siding is not worth the trouble and costs. There is an easier solution to this problem.


New home siding gives you many benefits. Here are some of the good things it offers:

Curb Appeal

Do you plan to sell the house in the coming years? Curb appeal is an important part of selling a home. When a house looks good from the street, potential buyers want to see inside. On the other hand, if your home has obvious exterior problems, it reflects badly upon the homeowner. People think the house is in disrepair and not worth buying.


Do you enjoy painting your home exterior? If not, siding repair is not the best option. New siding needs no maintenance for years, and this makes life easier for you.

Energy Efficiency

Would you like lower energy bills each month? When you install new siding, you increase the home’s efficiency, and it takes less energy to heat and cool the house.


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