Stick Welding—Tips to Improve Your Technique

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Metal Fabrication


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Stick Welding is a skill that is pretty easy to pick up but definitely harder to master. Moreover, even if you have mastered the skill, it can never hurt to brush up. Thus, it’s safe to say that going over the basic as well as learning a few new tips online or from stick welding technique enhancement videos or actual course will only improve your skill. Cleveland in particular has several stick welding course that anyone can take advantage of to improve his/her technique.

Welding and Stick Welding Basics
First and foremost, safety is curial when performing any welding. There are several kind of welding–shielded metal arc welding also known as stick welding, flux core arc welding, metal inert gas welding and tungsten arc welding. Determining your specific working conditions is one of the biggest safety factors when it comes to welding. What this means is welding indoors will allow for more versatility in your welding.

However, if you are welding outdoors, there are a few things to keep in mind such as MIG (metal inert gas welding) and TIG (tungsten arc welding) will not work. Another important safety tip that seems very straight forward but is often times overlooked is to have the proper clothing and protective gear. Once you’ve taken the necessary safety precautions, your next task is preparing he joint –i.e. clearing the joint of any water, rust, oil or any other residue.

After prepping your joint, it’s time to put the acronym CLAMS to good use. CLAMS represent the five essential elements of a well-mastered welding technique. CLAMS stand for current setting, the length of the arc, the angle of the electrode, manipulation of electrode and speed of travel. Understanding these five elements will not only improve your overall technique, but it will also bring you much closer to mastering stick welding and welding in general.

Learn More
The CLAMS method may seem like a lot of information to digest when you thoroughly go over it but with time and practice anyone can go from an amateur to a pro when it comes to sticking welding. Moreover, as previously mentioned, for a more in-depth explanation of the five elements of welding/stick welding, numerous resources will do just that, at your disposal.

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