Staying Warm in the Cold: Buying Heating Oil in Norwich, CT

Maintaining comfort in your home is imperative in the modern day, especially considering how sedentary we have become as a society. Of course, periodically updating your décor and furniture can offer a reprieve from the monotony in your home. However, it’s important to note that these features and additions are temporary in nature, and they’ll eventually give way, in time, to a new fad or theme. An easier way to enhance the comfort within your home and simultaneously save some money is to make sure you have the most affordable and efficient heating solution in place.

Modern Heating

If you truly want to improve the coziness in your home without breaking the bank, you have to ensure that you’re purchasing the right heating oil in Norwich, CT (or wherever you happen to live). However, it is important to note that there are three different grades of heating oil on the market today, and it’s vitally important to understand the advantages and drawbacks of each kind.

  • Basic – Number 2 heating oil is considered to be the most prevalent type. When compared with natural gas, propane, kerosene, and electricity, number 2 oil is much more efficient in terms of energy production.
  • Intermediary – This oil variety is essentially a mix of number 2 and an alternative fuel source, such as kerosene. This heating oil is generally used in colder environments or on properties where the oil tank is exposed to the elements.
  • Low-end – Also known as number 6, this is the most affordable heating oil on the market today. However, it is being phased out across the country due to its dense, viscous, and inefficient nature. Although it’s technically the cheapest oil, it is far from being the most affordable. The high concentration of sediments, mineral soils, and impurities put a huge strain on heating mechanisms, necessitating more frequent maintenance and cleaning.

Finding the Right Oil Supplier

Purchasing the right heating oil can be likened to purchasing the right car for you. The brand, model, or type you choose isn’t nearly as important as the dealer you work with. Now that you know the basics about oil types, you can confidently begin comparing and contrasting the best Norwich heating oil companies in your area. Be sure to keep an eye on client reviews, pricing lists, and company histories as you create your shortlist.


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