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When the heating goes out in your home, you may need to call for help immediately. In some areas the temperature can drop below the twenties during the winter. When it is below freezing outside, most of us prefer to be toasty warm with the heater on inside. When the heat goes out, you may feel the chill in only a few minutes. A good heating contractor knows what to do. Call around to find the right one for you. Care near Lincoln Park is available for you when you start having issues with your heating system.

Annual Service

When winter comes it is a good idea to have your unit serviced before the first freeze. Otherwise you may wake up one morning to a house that has been cold for hours. Heating units can also cause fires when left without a good repair. Annual service involves a thorough check of each component. When you have this done, you lower the risk of danger to your family. The annual check should be done before you ever turn the unit on for the season. This way, you can easily get an appointment before the season hits.

Warning Signs

There are a few things to look out for when you have the heater going. If you smell a burning smell, turn it off immediately. This is normal during the first run of the season, however, this is best done with a professional on hand. You should also be concerned about a unit that does not sense the temperature change and shut off on time. The unit may also stop heating altogether.

A heating contractor can help you keep your heater in excellent shape. Call for assistance near Lincoln Park from Deljo Heating and Cooling or check out the website at

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