Some of the More Popular Recycled Car Parts for Pasadena, TX, Residents

Many vehicle owners want to save money on repair work by buying used parts in good working order. Recycled car parts in Pasadena, TX, are available at area salvage yards that also network nationwide to order specific components. Certain parts are always in demand, which can make them more difficult to find.

Engines and Transmissions

Used engines and transmissions are sought by vehicle owners when these large, expensive components have failed. They don’t want to junk their cars, and they certainly don’t want to pay the high cost of a new engine or transmission. These recycled car parts for Pasadena, TX, residents commonly arrive at a salvage yard when vehicles have been seriously damaged in collisions. The auto body cannot be repaired or repair work would cost more than the vehicle’s market value.

Auto Body Parts

Another popular category of used parts is that for auto body components. Drivers whose car gets damaged in a fender bender or T-bone collision may only need to replace one or two body parts to get the vehicle looking great again. They might need a door, panel, bumper or hood. Side mirrors also are in demand.

Smaller, Inexpensive Parts

Smaller, inexpensive parts also have a market. If the horn stops working, the vehicle owner wants to replace it. A gas cap that is no longer attached with a plastic strip can easily be lost. All of these parts can be ordered through Apache Auto Parts.


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