Easy Steps Boston, MA Residents Can Take to Waterproof Their Basements

Since basements are often either partially or entirely underground, they are prone to flooding. Dealing with a flooded basement is a big inconvenience. It is expensive and can lead to the growth of mold, presenting a health hazard for anyone living in the home.

One of the best ways to prevent a wet basement in Boston, MA is to seal any cracks in the foundation and walls of the basement. If there are not any cracks or leaks, but dampness or condensation issues are still present, using a waterproof coating on the concrete can help to keep the basement dry.

Properly maintaining the gutters can also prevent a wet basement in Boston, MA. Gutter guards will prevent leaves from building up in the gutter and causing the water to pour over the sides and saturate the ground near the home. Cleaning the gutters at least once per year can also help prevent dampness in the basement.
Homeowners who are having problems with a damp basement may need to inspect the soil around their home. The soil should slope away from the home, as this will prevent water from coming in contact with the foundation. It may be helpful to add a few inches of dirt around the foundation of the home. This will help direct water away from it. Landscaping soil should be at least six inches below the top of the foundation to prevent the siding from being damaged.

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