Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security disability benefits can be a crucial financial lifeline for those that cannot work and provide for themselves and their family. Millions of dollars are paid to disabled Americans every year, but getting this help is not always easy.

Although disability benefits are there, the process of claiming them can be daunting. Social Security attorneys in Kansas City work on a contingency fee basis, it is always a good idea to hire them for help and guidance in preparing your claim and then appealing should the claim be denied.

Social Security was first introduced in 1935 although the disability program was not ratified until much later. The entire Social Security program has been designed to provide a financial “safety net” for millions of people that are at risk. In any given year, over eight million people that suffer a disability and are not able to work receive benefits; there are also 35 million people that receive retirement benefits.

Applying for disability benefits:

For those applying for their retirement benefits, rarely is there a problem. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those that are claiming disability benefits. Less than one-third of all applications are approved, those that are denied benefits have the right to hire Social Security attorneys in Kansas City and appeal the decision.

The rules are strict, disability benefits are only paid to those people that are permanently disabled, and the disability is expected to last at least one year. To be eligible, the disabled worker must have earned a specific number of “work credits” and their disability must be one that Social Security recognizes.

Navigating the process can be a nightmare for someone that knows little or nothing about the rules, regulations, and laws that apply. Although there are no guarantees, a disabled person has a far better chance of being approved for benefits when he or she is represented by Social Security attorneys in Kansas City.

Although help is available from Social Security it is difficult to get. If you have been denied disability benefits you are wise to consider hiring Social Security attorneys in Kansas City. For a free case evaluation, you are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group. Follow us on google+.


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