Air Conditioner Replacement: Considerations

Is it time to replace your air conditioner? Replacement options are vast, but here are some things to keep in mind as you look for an air conditioner replacement. Milledgeville companies specialized in air conditioner replacement are more than happy to help you review several options, based on your needs and your budget. It could be possible that your existing unit is fixable. It also could be very advantageous to upgrade. There are many factors to keep in mind as you review your options. In addition to cost, be sure to consider the warranty and other factors listed below before making a decision.


Comparing the warranty is important. While many systems offer ten- year warranties, others may offer longer or shorter periods and this can be reflected in the price of the unit.

Air Conditioning BTUs and the Size of Your Home:

Cooling capacity is a consideration in air conditioner replacement. Milledgeville, GA HVAC specialists will make a BTU recommendation based on the size of your home. Obviously, a more robust system will be necessary for larger homes.

Considerations: Maintenance:

Regular maintenance will help you keep your new air conditioning unit working at peak efficiency. Some people do some of their own maintenance, but most recommend maintenance agreements with a local HVAC contractor. When your system is installed you may be offered a maintenance contract. This will help you keep your system clean and working at optimum efficiency and is strongly recommended.

Is your home ready for central air? Do you have the necessary ductwork? Or, will you have to do some upgrades to get your home central air ready? It’s wise to get more than one quote and to consider all your options before deciding on a specific air conditioner replacement. Milledgeville, GA HVAC specialists from Wright Heating, Cooling and Electrical can be helpful in educating you on options, costs, maintenance contracts, and the best ways to keep your home comfortable with great air quality in an energy conscious way.


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