Small Kitchen Appliance Repair Expert in Henderson, Nevada

You don’t have to dump your appliance just because it stopped working. You’d want to know if you can give it another chance. Besides, its been with you for some time and it may not necessarily be the time to be spending more than you should.

Whether its your fridge, your stove, your washer or dryer or any other appliance from home, give us a call at Priority Appliances to see if we can get it back working for you. We can give you an estimate before you decide to go ahead with the repair.

And if it requires some diagnostic testing, we’ll waive that too when you decide to have us repair your appliance. We can do the diagnosis and repair effectively, getting it back working again.

If you’re looking for small kitchen appliance repair experts in Henderson, NV, we at Priority Appliance can be that help you need.

And once you’ve had it repaired with us, we give you a 90-day labor warranty and a full year of parts warranty. That should help you feel relieved of not having to bear the risk of having it break down on you after having it fixed.

And if you’re looking for appliance parts, we’ll get it for you from its top brand at the best possible price.

Looking for Small Kitchen Appliance Repair Experts in Henderson, NV? Give us at Priority Appliances a call at 702-799-9394 ext. 4 Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM and let us help you figure out.


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