Buy Bitcoin to Utilize a Secure and Transparent Transaction When Sending BTC

Bitcoin has radically changed the way that transactions can be created. If a person wants to send money to a relative that lives in another country, it can be expensive and a big hassle to do it through traditional methods. However, when a person decides to buy Bitcoin in Los Angeles and send it to their relative, it requires a low transaction fee, little paperwork and is secure.

Small Transaction Fees

One of the advantages a person will get after they buy Bitcoin in Los Angeles is the small transaction fee that’s charged when they decide to send BTC to a friend or relative. It’s usually close to zero. This is extremely cheap when compared to the cost of wiring money from bank to bank.

No Paperwork Is Required

For anyone who has ever tried to send money from a bank to an international destination, they understand how much paperwork is involved in the transaction process. When a person sends Bitcoin, there’s no paperwork. All that a person needs is to have BTC in their wallet and a Bitcoin address as the destination where it can be sent.

Secure and Transparent

Personal information is left out of cryptocurrency transactions, which can help make it almost impossible to create identity theft. Bitcoin transactions are also made public through a trustless system, which makes them highly transparent. When a person wants to send a transaction like this, they will want to visit a RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM to buy their BTC.


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