Skylight Prices – What You Need to Know

Want to welcome warmth and brightness into your home with a new skylight? If so, be sure to consider the financial side of things first. Although a skylight could reduce the need for artificial lighting throughout the home, thus saving you money on electricity, it’s important that you learn what affects the price before getting them fitted, because you wouldn’t want to have to stop the project half-way through simply because you can’t afford the entire thing, would you? When you shop wisely, you can enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin D every day. What’s more, skylights will reduce the effects of damp, such as mould and mildew build-up. Before you enhance the visual appearance of your home’s interior, take the following pricing factors into consideration.

Attic Space

If your attic is pretty cramped and has not been converted, it will be more of a challenge for skylight fitters to get the job done. This will affect skylight prices because it means that the person performing the labour for skylight installation will need to devote more time and effort into getting the job done.

Roof Type

What roof does your property have? Is it a pitched roof or a flat roof? Perhaps you are the owner of a fairly modern property that is designed with a domed roof? Whatever the style may be, the installation expert will first assess it and draw up a plan of the internal structure, which they can then refer to when installation commences. In the event that a roof has a lot of trusses that need to be removed to make room for roof windows, skylight prices will increase slightly. The reason for this is because a structural engineer will need to cut into the trusses carefully, so as not to damage the roof.

Installation Technique

The technique used by the skylight fitting expert will make a difference to the final price you pay. Expect to pay the least for installation if the rafter framing needs to be altered slightly and a single hole cut in the roof, as part of the standard procedure. Venting skylights will require precise fitting if they are to be opened manually, and prices vary from $300-$600. If you’re keen to get an electronically controlled skylight fitted, this will probably be the most expensive option. It all comes down to your requirements for skylights that really has an impact on price, so spend a food amount of time thinking about your wants versus your needs.

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