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by | Dec 21, 2015 | Plumbing and Plumbers


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Plumbers are skilled tradesmen that are involved in the installation and repair of pressure plumbing and waste water systems. For many, plumbing repair in Salinas CA is important when there is a leak in the pressurized side or a clog in a waste drain. Emergency callouts represent only a small fraction of what a plumber does, during a typical day you can find him installing garbage disposals, hydro-jetting a drain, installing or repairing a hot water heater or providing sub-contracting services during a kitchen or bathroom renovation where relocation or installation of new plumbing is needed.

The pressurized supply side of a typical plumbing system rarely gives problems but it is not unknown to see a dramatic spike in water consumption in the home. When this happens you can be sure that somewhere in the maze of pipes there is a leak. When you are faced with a situation like this you have need for the plumbing repair in Salinas CA, one which cannot wait. If the homeowner can locate the leak and isolate it until the following day that is great, if not a plumber must be contacted immediately. Chances are, if the leak was not apparent to the homeowner the plumber will have to cut into the floors and walls to locate and repair it.

Although the waste side is not under pressure it is no less important to rectify clogs as quickly as possible. As the term suggests, these pipes carry waste material which, if allowed to stagnate and puddle can pose a health hazard to those living in the house. This type of plumbing repair in Salinas CA can be awkward as many drains are buried under the basement floor or in the garden. Most plumbers are well equipped to deal with these problems using various tools and solutions including high pressure water jetting.

Another common plumbing repair is attending to a fixture which is malfunctioning. A complete plumbing network in a home includes several fixtures such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, etc. Failure of any of these fixtures can easily cause system wide problems. The most common problems associated with fixtures is leaking connections to faucets, dripping faucets and problems with the flush mechanism on toilets.

It is not unusual for a hot water heater to require repair. In areas where the water is “hard” the tank will often get clogged with calcium deposits, these deposits can build up to the point where they interfere with the proper function of the heater. Usually a homeowner does not wait until there is a problem; the hot water heater is something that normally is maintained annually.

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