Fall Protection Harness – Safe and Comfortable Protection on the Job

Fall arrest systems are a crucial tool for any workplace where workers are handling jobs in intense situations, such as working at high heights in a warehouse or on an oil rig. These systems allow for the safe rise and descent as well as an easy and quick release for rescues in an emergency situation on the job. They contain a fall protection harness that holds the worker in a safe and comfortable position to complete the task at hand.

Key Components of a Fall Arrest System
This system that includes a fall protection harness is made with safety in mind and is made of the following components to ensure that a fall doesn’t end in injury:

  • Anchor points- the point of attachment for the fall arrest system, available in a variety of types including cable chokers and roof anchors.
  • Body wear/support- support is provided by personal protective equipment, such as a full body harness, that helps the impact of fall to be distributed evenly across the body, available in various styles for a job such as ladder climbing.
  • Connecting devices- serve to connect the harness to the anchor point and absorbs most of the shock in the event of a fall, types of connectors include shock absorbing lanyards. The distance of a potential fall must be determined to select the proper connector.
  • Descent and rescue equipment- these are a crucial component of any fall arrest system, in the event of a fall these devices allow the user’s to get to who fell quickly and safely as well as providing a quick escape or release in the event of an emergency.

Benefits of Using a Fall Arrest Systems in the Workplace
With a variety of fall arrest systems available, this allows companies to stay more easily in compliance with OSHA when it comes to fall protection. According to their guidelines, protection is required at heights of four feet, in general, industry, five feet in shipyards, six feet in construction industries and eight feet in long-shoring operations as well as in workplaces where employees will be working above hazardous equipment, no matter the fall distance.

The most important benefit of a fall protection is that it helps to prevent serious work-related injuries that can happen to those employed in industries where working at extreme heights is a daily task. Fall protection systems are designed with safety in mind and can be adapted to meet a variety of needs for any type of industry or workplace.


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