A broken window glass in a home can pose a hazard for household occupants. Even the tiniest shards of glass can cause deep cuts. Also, a broken window may present a chance for an intruder to enter a home. To keep these situations from occurring, it’s important to perform Glass Replacement in Naperville for a defective windowpane. The following tips can assist a homeowner in preparing for this task.

To prepare for a Glass Replacement in Naperville, first sweep up any broken glass on the floor. Ensure that children and animals stay away from the damaged window. Wear gloves that are puncture-resistant. It’s essential to wear protective eyewear with side and frontal guards. Never handle damaged glass without protecting your eyes and hands. If a windowpane is particularly large, try to take the window frame out of its opening and place it on a steady table.

Next, start removing the broken glass. Do this by removing the largest pieces of glass first. Try not to grasp a piece of glass by a point. Instead, hold a piece by a flat edge. Firmly, but carefully, pull the glass until it’s out. When the glass is cracked, and there is not an opening to start removing the glass, remove the putty before extricating the pieces of glass.

After removing as much glass as possible, use a putty knife to remove putty from tracks in the window frame. The old putty may have to be removed as you move along. Also, put up all glazier’s points used to hold the old windowpane in place. A heating tool can be used to warm up the putty when it’s too hard to remove. Heated putty is more pliable and easy to work with. After all old materials have been removed, it’s helpful to apply a generous around of linseed oil if the window frame is wood.

Following these steps, apply putty and install the new glass. Doing this will restore functionality and appeal to a window. For more information on replacing residential glass, please contact us to talk to an expert at Bolingbrook Glass & Mirror. This business can handle numerous services including home and commercial window repairs for enhanced customer approval.

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