Sign Companies in Arlington, TX Increase Business Revenues

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Business


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Signs come in various designs, all of which are worth considering. For example, you can buy LED signs, pole signs, monument signs, cabinet or box signs, and customs signs.

Maximum Visibility

The cabinet or box signs that are featured by sign companies in Arlington, TX will help get your business noticed. These signs are normally designed to show customers a business’s location. The signage is not only self-contained, it also provides your business with maximum visibility.

Do You Need 24-hour Lighting?

Sign companies that make box or cabinets signs can configure the signage to your exact needs and specifications. For example, you can opt for 24-hour lighting if you so wish. You can also have the sign installed on the outside of your building or on an elevated platform near the entrance of your business. The signs can even be established over intersections and walkways. Signs of this type are made to be fully compliant with local and state statutes and regulations.

That is why sign companies regularly fill orders for box signs for businesses. Normally, this type of customized sign is backed by a warranty that covers the workmanship and design of the signage. Therefore, you can make repairs or alterations without spending more money.

Pole Signs

Pole signs are another form of advertising that will direct people to the doors of your business. When a sign is displayed on a tower-type pole, people cannot help but find you. These signs are great to place near the intersection of an interstate.

Pole signs are fabricated to be both rigid and durable. They also feature a waterproof paint that is resistant to corrosion and rust. You can obtain signs with backlighting and long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs. Therefore, your sign will offer your business 24-hour visibility.

Where to Obtain More Information

You can learn more about the various types of signs for business when you visit Legacy Signs of Texas online. Take a look at your options first before making a call.

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