Should You Buy Amish Furniture?

The Amish are a people living in the past. In fact, most do not accept any kind of technology unless it is well over 100 years old. This kind of lifestyle may not be right for most people in the modern world, but parts of it make a great deal of sense, especially when it comes to making furniture. Let’s look at what Amish furniture is all about, and why you may want to have it in your Georgia home today.

Who are the Amish?

The Amish are a group of Christians with a history dating back to the late 17th Century. They believe in old world ways and many live in what is known as Pennsylvania Dutch County. The Amish way of life is simple and has changed very little over the centuries. They do not use motorized vehicles or electricity. Amish work hard and take their work very seriously, and it shows in the furniture and things they create.

What is Amish Furniture?

Suppose you buy an Amish rocking chair in Georgia. You will receive a chair which is completely hand crafted. These people do not utilize any kind of power tools in the process. In addition, they do not use modern cheap materials like laminates or particle board. You won’t find any kind of veneers either. Everything is solid wood and what you see is exactly what you get.

Antique Quality

An Amish chair reflects a period of the past which is long gone. In fact, it is difficult to tell the difference between some antiques and modern furniture made by these people. After all, they use the same basic materials and methods which the antique craftsman used. This gives you a kind of quality which is difficult to find today.


Amish craftsmen take a great deal of pride in their work and it shows in the incredible detail. It starts with the wood selection, as each piece is carefully inspected and chosen for the item to be made. Glue joints are created in the most efficient and effective manner. These pieces will last you for a lifetime and perhaps much longer.

Eco Friendly

You can be sure your Amish furniture in Georgia was crafted in an eco friendly manner. They only work with natural materials and there are no modern chemicals (which can be harmful to the environment) used in the process. The finest furniture is signed by the craftsman who created it, so you know it is officially “Amish”.


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