Planning Kilimanjaro Routes? Here’s Help

There are a few options in terms of Kilimanjaro routes that you can take. Some routes are recommended for more technical trekkers with experience and others are options that are good for those who want a good chance of summit success.

Kilimanjaro Routes include:

* Lemosho
* Kilimanjaro North Route / Northern Circuit
* Machame Route
* Rongai
* Marangu
* Shira
* Umbwe

Some of these routes have sub-routes as well.  Routes vary in length from 4-9 days or so and some have varying levels of scenery, altitude, and difficulty. In terms of altitude, some have a faster ascent than others, which could impact your risk of altitude sickness. There are medications available that may thwart this.

Some routes listed above have very few climbers and others are more popular.  You’ll find that various Kilimanjaro routes will have published information on the chances of success, as well as specific tips for certain routes.

These routes offer a trekking distance between 53 km and close to 100 km so it’s important to look at the length of the route, the anticipated length of the route and consider the amount of walking you’ll be doing, at varied terrains. Being in peak physical condition will increase your chances of success as well as enhance your experience throughout the trek.

The Kilimanjaro route you choose will impact the price, as well. Various tour operators have their own pricing schematics but days on tour, the amount of team members required, and the size of the tour group will all make an impact on the price.

Most tour companies have camping for each night, offering camping gear being carried by a porter. The climber has to carry their own day pack.

The more you know the better chance you have of a great Mount Kilimanjaro climbing experience. Talk to tour operators to learn more about picking the right route for you.


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