Should I Rent or Buy a Portable Sink?

Whether you are the owner of a catering business, or you just want to help with a friend’s wedding for a day, you will need access to a portable since. With many rental companies available to choose from, you may need to decide between renting a portable sink or purchasing one for long-term use. Before deciding what your best investment would be, you should consider several factors, in regards to having portable water access.

How Often Will I Use It?

Most people lean towards renting portable sinks and facilities, due to the amount of time the sink would be used. If you are a business that regularly tends to remote customers and travels to many locations during the week and month, it may be more beneficial to spend the money on purchasing a portable sink. However, if you do not run a business, and you will use the sink for personal and sporadic use, you are better off renting for the specific time you need the sink.

Are My Events Outdoors or Indoors?

The location of your event is just as important as your predicted usage. Indoor events usually have access to running water, whereas outdoor locations are less likely to provide that availability. If the majority of your appointments are schedule for outdoor venues, you may use the sink enough to invest in a permanent addition to your equipment.

How Important is Sanitation for My Events?

Washing your hands is the best step you can make towards keeping germs to a minimum at your event. However, not every event requires you to consistently have access to wash your hands. If public bathrooms are available at your event, you already have the running water you need. If your location changes frequently, or if you are unsure about water access, take the time to schedule your rental for the event, saving you the effort of trying to secure a rental on short notice.

Buy or Rent?

The biggest factor in determining whether you should rent or buy is by considering how much you will need remote access to water with your events. If your events are spread out and infrequent, seek out a sink from a party rental store in Sacramento. If you find that your business runs smoother by investing in a portable water supply, make the investment. Many stores that offer rental options also give the option to purchase, so ask your local dealer about potential deals that can make your investment more worthwhile.

Rent A Portable Sink allows commercial and personal use of party rentals in Sacramento and surrounding areas. With a variety of models, Rent A Portable Sink has a sink to meet each customer’s need.


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