Patio Door Installation Ann Arbor MI Helps Relieve Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal depression, medically known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), makes people with this condition feel moody, melancholy and lethargic when the days are shortest. The problem tends to be worst in late fall and early winter, and can be particularly bad in northern states, such as Michigan. Even in southern Michigan, daylight is limited to around 9-1/2 hours per day when late December arrives. Patio Door Installation Ann Arbor MI is a way of bringing more natural light into a house, which can be very helpful for people who spend most of their time at home and are affected by SAD.

Some individuals do self-employment work at home and others are homemakers. Elderly individuals and disabled persons also may spend a great deal of time in the house, particularly in the winter. Light therapy boxes are available to ease symptoms of SAD, but a lack of natural light can still feel oppressive throughout the day. A house without enough window space forces people to keep lamps and overhead lights on all through the day, which can make it feel like there’s no daylight whatsoever.

Patio Door Installation Ann Arbor MI allows much more light to come in than most other windows do. A contractor such as Billy White Roofing & Construction in Ann Arbor MI also can install skylights. Skylights give the illusion of being outdoors because of sunlight coming directly from above. Even on cloudy, dreary days, the combination of the patio door, skylights and other windows in the house bring in plenty of natural light so that artificial lighting isn’t necessary except in the very early morning and when late afternoon arrives.

When it comes to Patio Door Installation Ann Arbor MI residents typically like the door to open onto a patio or deck, although this isn’t necessary. The big sliding door makes it convenient to go in and out of the house when cooking outside, and the grill typically is located on one of those hard surfaces. After the long winter ends and spring arrives, people are eager to start barbecuing and keeping the big glass door open to allow fresh, warm breezes to drift through the screen door. Browse Website for more details.


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