Sell More Beer With A Beer Cave

Beer caves, beer coolers, walk-in-coolers, whatever names you know them by, are high quantity refrigeration units, designed to entice customers into purchasing more beer. A large, beer only space, is better able to draw in a customer, diverting their attention to the only thing they see around them, beer. From a marketing perspective, there’s no better way push a product than surrounding a customer with said product.

Beer Cave Advantages

In almost every facet except initial investment, beer caves beat out small-scale refrigeration, or non-refrigerated beer sales techniques. Additional exposure, coupled with the ability to provide a wider selection of both brands and packaging sizes, puts stores who invest in a beer cave ahead of the competition. Industry data reflects that cold beer accounts of ninety eight percent of beer sold in convenience stores, and when introducing a beer cave, beer turnover is forty two percent higher than stores without the system. A beer cave also provides customers with a convenient way to shop for multiple beer brands at the same time. Instead of moving along a small-scale refrigeration display case, or walking down isles of beer, the customer only has to turn three hundred sixty degrees to view the entire selection of beer.

Who Should Purchase a Beer Cave

The system should, at the very least, be run through a cost-benefit analysis by a storeowner with the capital available to purchase one. Beer caves refrigeration systems in California can be extremely beneficial to those in the highly popular craft beer market. The visibility the system offers lends itself well to displaying a high number of unique beer brands that customers would otherwise overlook. That being said, large-scale beer distributors that don’t already have a beer cave will benefit greatly as well. Putting large packages of beer, such as cases, in a beer cave can save floor space, creating a more spacious, inviting atmosphere for customers. Browse our website to know more.


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