Save Time and Money with a Coolant Filtration System

An efficient shop ensures you keep costs under control and keep production high. As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve efficiency. Reducing the amount of time spent replenishing materials, as well as reducing any excess materials used, is important. That’s why using a coolant filtration system can help your shop increase efficiency.

Adding a coolant filtration system to your shop will save you time and money by always ensuring your shop has clean coolant at the ready. This system automatically removes the solids and free oils that get into your coolant as you work. It works continuously to prevent employees from having to keep up with the task. The system also ensures you are able to recycle coolant, using it for longer before it must be disposed of.

Coolant filtration systems can automatically dilute the coolant with the appropriate amount of water, so that your staff is able to continue with their jobs, without taking time out of their day to check on coolant levels.

Oils and solids will be automatically removed from the coolant throughout the day. This cleaner coolant will help ensure smoother and cleaner operations in your shop.

Talk to your filtration vendor about how a coolant filtration system can help you save time and money. You’ll find that the system pays for itself quickly and reduces your coolant disposal costs, too.

Installing a coolant filtration system may be the biggest efficiency change you make all year. This product is simple, but the time and money it saves is tremendous. It makes work easier for employees, reduces cost and increases production by allowing employees to spend more time doing the work they are really paid to do. This system is truly a win/win for employees and your company.


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