6 Best Reasons to Buy an Electric Hand Dryer

There’s an ongoing debate regarding hand drying solutions. Should you purchase hand dryers or paper towels? Those are the two options for commercial restrooms. When it comes down to issues such as price, hygiene and customer satisfaction, the electric hand dryer has several advantages.

Energy Saver

Advanced technology has made these devices very energy-efficient. Heating elements are no longer needed for drying hands. As a result, multiple units are usually installed on one electrical line. This reduces energy costs, especially for industrial facilities and schools.

No Empty Dispenser

An empty paper towel dispenser is a nuisance. It’s frustrating for customers when they don’t have paper towels when they need them. With hand dryers, this problem is eliminated.

Minimal Maintenance

There are brands of electric hand dryers requiring zero maintenance. There are other units that require filter changes once every few years. Additionally, you don’t have the ongoing expense of buying and restocking paper towel dispensers.

Cleaner Restrooms

Clean restrooms are important to your customers. Dirty paper towels on the vanity or floor dont look. It’s not hygienic either. The installation of hand dryers helps you maintain a tidy bathroom your clients will appreciate.

Good Return on Investment

Hand dryers are durable and long-lasting. The life expectancy is 7 to 10 years. These devices pay for themselves in the long-run.

Fewer Germs and Bacteria

There are advanced hand dryer models on the market that do an excellent job of sanitizing hands. They help get rid of bacteria while killing nearly 100% of germs. These units are popular among restaurants, schools, hospitals, and offices. They are a go-to choice for a germ-free environment.

The hand drying solution you choose has a lot to do with your company’s needs. As you can see, there are several benefits for using an electric hand dryer. These devices are a cost-effective way of providing clean, sanitary restrooms for your customers.


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