Safety and Appearance: The Importance of Upholstery Cleaning in Charleston, SC

When you think of upholstery cleaning you may only imagine sofas and chairs in a home or the occasional vehicle seat. But commercial offices have as many upholstery cleaning needs as residential customers and the volume of the people who are in contact with their upholstery every day necessitates frequent cleaning.

Health and safety are the most important reasons for regular professional Upholstery Cleaning in Charleston SC. There is an unlimited amount of bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted from one person to another through public spaces. Many germs are able to stay alive in soft surfaces for days, infecting a countless number of people. Upholstered surfaces are a higher risk because they are less apt to be wiped down or sterilized regularly by the nightly janitorial crew the way a solid surface will be.

Appearance of the furnishings matters too. Even though people will not be able to see bacteria, they can see dirt and stains. When furniture looks dirty, the entire room will seem unclean. This can make customers uncomfortable and may even be the deciding factor of whether or not they want to do business with this company.

Upholstery Cleaning in Charleston SC is not just about chairs and sofas in office settings. It is for any type of upholstered surface anywhere. This could be the seats inside fleet or rental vehicles or chairs and stool tops in restaurants and bars. Daycare centers, waiting rooms and libraries are additional places where people often sit and stay for a period of time. All of these types of locations will benefit from a deep cleaning.

Regular professional cleaning will help all upholstery last longer. Clean upholstery will improve the appearance of the entire room and will prevent many unpleasant odors. It will keep everyone who is in contact with the surfaces healthier.

If your business is tired of having drab, stained furniture, check out They are a skilled, professional cleaning service with years of commercial experience. They offer a full line of services designed to keep every part of commercial buildings clean and fresh. Contact them to learn more about what they offer and the safe and responsible green cleaning methods they specialize in providing.


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