Questions to Ask When Hiring an AC Contractor for a Residential Repair or Replacement

Whether the task is to hire a professional to make repairs to the home heating and cooling system, or install a brand new unit, it pays to know what Questions to Ask When Hiring an AC Contractor. The right questions will make it easier to hire a professional who will manage the job responsibly. Here are a few examples of questions to include. Licensing and Liability Coverage The very first Questions to Ask When Hiring an AC Contractor have to do with the credentials that the professional brings to the table. Only deal with contractors who are properly licensed and certified. It also helps to find out what type of liability coverage the contractor carries, just in case something happens during the installation process.

Experience Find out how much experience the contractor has with installing and repairing different types of air conditioning systems. The scope of that experience may extend back further than the creation of his or her current company. For example, the contractor may have worked with another firm for several years before striking out on his or her own. Understanding how many years the contractor has been doing the type of work needed makes it easier to determine if that professional is right for the job. Detailed Estimates The last thing that the customer wants is a ballpark figure written on the back of a piece of scrap paper. Ask if the contractor will provide a detailed quote for the work. This should be broken down to show the cost of all parts and equipment, with a separate section for all labor costs.

Ideally, the detail in that quote will include every expense associated with the project. For homeowners who need some help with their heating and cooling systems, calling the team at All Service Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. is a good idea. A professional can inspect the unit, identify the nature of the problem, and provide detailed information about what should happen next. Assuming everything is in order, the homeowner can provide authorization and the expert can make all the necessary arrangements to complete the repair or installation as soon as possible. You can also check their BBB ratings.


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