Reliable Residential Roofing in Gainesville, FL

Reliable residential roofing in Gainesville, FL area is a must for your roofing projects. There are several steps that any homeowner should take before they sign on the dotted line with a roofing contractor to ensure that they are choosing the right roofing company. Here are a few things you should consider when you need roof repair, new roof installation or you just want a roof inspection done:

Local is best
Longevity counts
Free estimates should be a given

Before you consider one of the big national chains you should be looking local for your roofing needs. Local businesses have a level of commitment that you do not find with national chains. Small locally owned residential roofers live and work in the same community and they have a vested interest in how your roof turns out. Nationally owned chain roofing companies have corporate offices that are miles and miles away, they can be inflexible and close up shop at any time. A local roofing contractor will be much more flexible and will be around years down the road. If a roofing contractor has been in business for a while it is a good sign that they are doing their job.

You should never pay for estimates. If a roofing contractor wants to charge you for estimates just call in another company. There are some companies that will charge you for estimates but why would you pay for an estimate when you do not have to?

Reliability Really Counts

You want to choose a company that takes their commitment to your project seriously. That means showing up when they say they will show up and having a crew of well trained technicians that can get your project done within the agreed upon time frame. Reliability can be gauged by what past clients have to say about the company AND by how long they have been in business.

Making the Right Choice

It is important that you do your homework when you are choosing someone for your residential project. Your roof is far too important to your home to trust the project to anyone but a reliable company. You have to have the job done right the first time and have it done on time. If you take the time to do a little research you will be rewarded with a roof that will stand up to the test of time.

If you’re in the market for a quality roof, consider a roofing services from Duffield Home Improvements. They have 40+ years experience providing quality roofing services to residential and commercial areas.


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