Financial Strategies for Making Your Gender Reassignment Surgery a Reality

Some transgender individuals find that dressing and living as a man or a woman is enough. Others, however, don’t find true peace of mind until their outside body matches their inner identity. In those instances, transgender reassignment surgeries can change the body and help heal the mind. Although well worth the investment for many, gender reassignment surgery, like most medical procedures, is costly. If you’re considering it, here are some ways to finance it.

Health Insurance

At this time, no law requires health insurance companies to pay for gender reassignment surgery. Some will, however, if you can . In order to do so, you’ll likely need a diagnosis and documented history of gender dysphoria. You may also need to provide two or three recommendation letters from licensed psychologists. Before covering any genital surgeries, your insurer may also insist that you live fully as your preferred gender for a year. Every insurer has different rules so check with yours. They may surprise you with how much of the cost they’ll cover.

Consider a Loan

You should never take going into debt lightly, but a loan can help you finance your transgender reassignment surgery more easily. If your credit limit is high enough, you can use a credit card to pay for your surgery. You’ll get a much lower interest rate, however, if you can secure a personal loan through your bank or credit union. You may also be able to borrow from friends and family members, or even yourself if you have a 401K you can borrow against or have equity in your home.


Sometimes finding the help you need is as simple as asking for it. Several new websites make it easy to start and share a fundraising web page. Local LGBTQ bars and organizations will sometimes contribute towards the cost of gender reassignment surgeries or host fundraising parties and events. Large organizations offer grants for surgeries that can be quite helpful.

If you can’t afford surgery at the moment, don’t despair. While you’re saving and seeking out funds, remember that you already know who you are on the inside — and that’s far more important than what your body looks like. One day you’ll be ready for surgery, and there are many compassionate and caring surgeons in Plano, TX, who will help you when you are. In the meantime, remind yourself every day that you’re already fabulous.


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