Reasons For Atlanta, GA Homeowner To Use Duct Cleaning Services

There are a lot of basic maintenance tasks that a homeowner can complete to keep their home a healthy place to live. However, some tasks are better left to the experts with specialized equipment and training.

One of the tasks of maintaining a healthy home is routine duct cleaning. For most homes in Atlanta, GA this service will be required every three to five years. It is a proactive and preventative way to remove dust, debris, mold, pollen and even pet dander and hair out of the duct system, eliminating those contaminants from recirculating through the indoor air in the home.

What it Does

With professional HVAC duct cleaning services, the HVAC service uses powerful vacuums and scrubbers that remove dust, debris and both organic and inorganic materials that coat the interior of your ducts.

This is very different than just vacuuming out registers and vents. Instead, the large industrial vacuums and the specific equipment used to reach deep into the ducts provide a thorough cleaning.

The Benefits

There are several benefits to this type of cleaning in any home. Knowing these benefits can help you see the value in this infrequent cleaning process.

  • Reduce airborne allergens – dust, pollen and mold and mildew is removed from the duct system. This prevents these allergens from recirculating through the home.
  • Increase efficiency – when there is a thick layer of debris in the ducts, it can impact the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. Routine cleaning will help ensure your HVAC system has full capacity and efficiency.
  • Odor removal – if the material in the ducts is organic and there is mold and mildew present, that musty odor can also circulate through the home.

Choosing duct cleaning is a low-cost way to proactively prevent these types of issues.


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