How to Get the High-Risk Insurance Coverage You Need

High-risk motorcycle insurance and auto insurance can be hard to come by. Being ruled high-risk makes you seem more dangerous to insure than other drivers; the likelihood that a preferred provider will issue you an insurance policy may be low. This is amplified when you are insuring a motorcycle as well because these vehicles are often viewed as inherently dangerous. It may take additional effort, but policies and providers do exist that can help high-risk drivers secure their vehicles – and their financial futures.


Start by Shopping Nearby

Shopping locally may be of benefit for at-risk drivers. Not only can some incidents and traffic violations be more understandable to a nearby insurance provider who knows the lay of the local land, but speaking face-to-face to your agent may lead to a better grasp of your unique situation as a driver and client.

Madison area residents can rely on Action Insurance Agency for high-risk auto insurance, SR22 insurance and more. Specializing in covering high-risk cases means these providers understand the needs of clients with these types of policies, and how to make them both affordable and effective for consumers.


More Tips for Getting the Coverage You Need

Whether you’re shopping for high-risk motorcycle insurance or auto insurance, there is more than one way to secure the protection you need.

Involve your credit. If you have had one or more traffic violations but have sparkling credit, don’t be afraid to bring your credit score to the table for a chance at a better rate.

Likewise, if you have low credit but a stellar driving record, voice your thoughts to your agent, and ask if you can negotiate your monthly rate at all based on the performance record.

Understand that your high-risk status won’t last forever. If you are a responsible driver and work to improve your credit, your risk status will decrease over time, as will your premiums.

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