Raccoon Removal in Reynoldsburg Helps Keep Attics Free Of These Animals

While raccoons are often considered cute creatures based on cartoons, movies and wildlife videos, homeowners dealing with a raccoon invasion have a very different opinion. Raccoons living in an attic or crawlspace can create a number of different problems, ranging from structural damage to serious health risks because of the various diseases they can carry, including rabies. An experienced wildlife removal company can handle the job of helping a homeowner relocate raccoons from a house.

How do raccoons get into a house?

There are several different ways a raccoon can enter a home. The animal prefers to live in the attic or crawl space, so it looks for openings in the roof area to make its entrance. The raccoon might come in via the soffit, which is the area between the home’s frame and its roof line. The materials frequently used to construct soffits are no match for a cunning raccoon’s teeth and claws. The animal might also enter a house by the edge of the roof it meets the gutter system, or even through a roof vent meant to protect the attic from pests pr the chimney. A company that specializes in Raccoon removal in Reynoldsburg can help assess potential or actual entry points.

How can raccoons be removed?

Most wildlife removal experts recommend doing some investigating before taking steps to get raccoons out of an attic or outbuilding. The likelihood is good that the adult female raccoon in residence is caring for a litter of babies there, so it’s essential to make sure mom and babies are all removed together. There aren’t any poisons on the market that will kill raccoons, so trapping them with help from a wildlife expert experienced in Raccoon removal in Reynoldsburg is the best option.

What will a wildlife specialist do?

Removing the raccoons is the first priority. This is typically done with a live trap, although some specialists prefer to chase out the raccoons when possible rather than trapping them. When the raccoons are gone, it’s necessary to clean up the waste left behind by the animals. Repairs must be made to insulation, drywall and other areas the animals have damaged. Finally, steps need to be taken to ensure the raccoons can’t get into the attic again. For help in handling a raccoon infestation, visit Your Ohio Wildlife Pro online.


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