Quick Relief For Smoke Damage In Troy

It is critical to start clean-up as soon as possible after a fire. Smoke and soot are very acidic and quickly cause permanent damage. For example, porous materials like marble are discolored within minutes. Within days, metal objects start to corrode and paint yellows permanently. Here are some things to do after the fire. First, contact the insurance company and get the cleaning process started. In addition to smoke damage, the house will sustain water damage as well.

There are some things homeowners can do before the contractor arrives. First, open the windows and let the air start the drying process. Remember, anyone who goes inside should wear masks and gloves. Turn on electric fans if a power source is available. Many appliances can be saved by coating them with cooking oil. This prevents erosion until they can be cleaned. Likewise, homeowners should remove the contents from cabinets and drawers. The insides will have to be inspected for damage. Contractors that handle smoke damage in Troy understand how a fire works. Combustion causes smoke and soot to rise and travel throughout the structure. Indeed, the process continues until the fire is out. Further, by the time experts arrive, there will be a thick coat of soot on most surfaces.

Professionals use many techniques to remove soot including sandblasting, dry-ice blasting and power-washing. They work from top to bottom starting with the ceilings. Afterward, the team focuses on furniture and flooring. A separate team member inspects upholstery, drapes and carpeting. They will start by vacuuming these materials. Later, they are washed with an alkaline cleaner which neutralizes soot. Homeowners must be aware that many items cannot be salvaged.

Other workers evaluate the outside of the house. Smoke and soot may damage exterior materials like brick, wood and siding. The outside is usually scrubbed with brushes and power-washed. A major residue of smoke damage Troy is odor. The foul, smoky odor is not healthy to breathe. That is why objects that cannot be cleaned should be removed. They continue to generate odor while other items are being cleaned. The company uses a deodorizing gas to permanently get rid of the smell. If you are a fire victim, visit website for a restoration company promptly.


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