Professional Restaurant Design in Orange County Can Make the Difference

The percentage of new businesses that fail each year is staggering, and if you’re planning to open a restaurant, those figures become even scarier. You have to understand that these fledgling businesses don’t necessarily fail because they were not managed properly or because the cuisine was too far off the mark; many of these dining establishments go under because there was a failure in planning that took place early on in the process. The location you select for your new restaurant can affect whether or not it succeeds. This isn’t a reference to a particular part of town; it refers to the actual building chosen for the restaurant. Too often hopeful restaurateurs find a building they can afford and they try to jam all of their plans and ideas into one tiny restaurant. This is a recipe for failure.

When you begin to design your restaurant, keep in mind that, in a restaurant, form and function have to flow together; there needs to be that feeling of warmth, welcoming, and comfort for your diners, while still providing a kitchen and prep area where the work flow can be accommodated and equipment can be placed to maximize productivity. Through all of this there has to be a practical and functional traffic flow so that your guests can get to their tables easily, but your servers will have clear paths to perform their tasks. These items and many more are the reasons that when you think about a new restaurant, you should immediately consult with experienced professionals in Restaurant Design in Orange County.

Orchid Construction and Facility Services know that designing a successful restaurant isn’t all about equipment lists, floor plans, and blueprints any more than it’s about where you want the water fountain and the drive-through. Those with experience in Restaurant Design in Orange County know that it’s also about fire codes, building regulations, maximum seating, and guidelines from the health department. The real pros will assist you submitting the required paperwork to the proper authorities, like the Health Department, the Fire Department, and the Industrial Waste Bureau. Design experts have done this many times before and you can take advantage of their experience. A Restaurant Design by Orchid Construction and Facility Services may be your solution.


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