All You Need to Know About Dental Implants in Ahwatukee AZ

Losing one’s permanent teeth can occur as a result of trauma to the face and dental health complications such as losing the teeth through cavities and gum disease. When this happens, it will be a great idea to make use of implants to replace the lost teeth. Here are some of the important things that you should know about the process of getting dental implants in Ahwatukee AZ.

What are implants?

Dental implants are simply titanium screws that are attached to the gums as a replacement to the roots of real teeth. The process of getting these implants in place includes checking whether the jawbone can hold them, attaching them and allowing them to get integrated to the bone structure and attaching the stump that will support the crowns.

What is the average cost of getting implants?

The one thing that you should know about getting implants is that it is not an easy process. It will need ample financial preparation because the titanium screws used are quite pricey. Also, it is important to note that the general health cover and dental cover may not necessarily cover the cost of getting implants, and you may need to pay for the procedure from your pocket. The exact cost will depend on the dentist you choose for the procedure.

The timeline for the process

Also, note that implantation dentistry isn’t a one day affair. You have to be ready to commit to the process for a period of at least six months. After the implantation, three months will pass so that the implants can integrate with the bone structure in the mouth. After this, the stumps will be attached, and this will be followed by a healing period. The procedure completes when the crowns are put in place.

Care for implants

The great thing about implants is that they feel like the real teeth. However, you will need special toothpaste to clean teeth that have implants in them. Although eating hard foods is allowed, you will have to be careful about the hardness.

These are a few important things to note about getting Dental Implants in Ahwatukee AZ. To get details about the benefits of the procedure, browse around here:



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