Preparations to Make Before Using a Storage Unit in Henderson

Organizing your storage unit begins with packing your belongings at home. When you start looking for a unit, consider the number of boxes that you need to store and any other items that you won’t put in boxes. The following are a few tips to keep in mind for the storage process.


The last thing that you want to do is start putting items in boxes only to discover that you don’t have enough tape or other items that you’ll need to finish packing. Try to gather what you need about a week before you need self storage in Henderson, NV, so that you don’t have to leave your home in the middle of packing.


Make sure all of the boxes that you put in your storage unit are clearly labeled. Brightly colored tape is an option to consider, and you can use a different color on each box for each room of your home to keep everything sorted. If possible, put items from the same room in the same box to make it easier to sort items when you remove everything from the unit you use for self storage in Henderson, NV.

Front and Center

Boxes that contain items that you might need right away should be placed near the front of the storage unit. You also need to make sure there’s plenty of space around the boxes so that you can walk inside the unit and reach what you need without feeling as though you have nowhere to turn.

Contact Canyon Road Self Storage for more tips about packing your unit.


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