Negotiations Between Insurers and Personal Injury Lawyers in Bradenton, FL

After personal injury lawyers in Bradenton, FL, determine the maximum amount of compensation they believe clients should receive, they send a demand letter to the liable insurance company. The insurer may respond quickly or not for several weeks, but typically denies the demanded amount and offers a lower settlement. The client and attorney then must decide whether this offer is reasonable.

Time Frame

Negotiations between personal injury lawyers in Bradenton, FL, and insurance companies can go on for months. This sometimes becomes frustrating for clients who need money. These individuals don’t want to receive less than what is deserved, but they may have used up their savings and still cannot return to work.

Document Details

The lawyer does everything possible to speed the process along. Providing all the relevant details in documentation and explaining what each point of compensation addresses are two effective strategies. The letter includes details of how the injury occurred and the negative effects it has had on the client’s life. A list of relevant medical expenses and the amount for lost wages is included.

Filing a Lawsuit

Most personal injury cases settle out of court. If the insurance company seems unwilling to provide even the lowest amount that the lawyer and client believe is reasonable, the attorney will file a lawsuit. To avoid going to court, the insurer is now more likely to agree to the most recent settlement amount proposed by the injury lawyer. To schedule a free consultation with the law firm Luhrsen Goldberg LLC, look for contact information. Browse the site for more details.


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