Potential Considerations for Adenoid Removal in Allentown, PA

Sometimes the adenoids can become enlarged. Symptoms of this problem include frequent ear infections, trouble swallowing or breathing through the nose, a sore throat, breathing through the mouth, and sleep apnea. Should a child get throat or ear infections more than five times per year, it may be beneficial to consider Adenoid Removal in Allentown PA, especially if these infections don’t respond well to antibiotics. There are a number of potential benefits to having this type of surgery.

Potential Benefits

Children that have surgery for Adenoid Removal in Allentown PA may have an easier time breathing through the nose and have fewer and less serious throat and ear infections. Amazingly enough, some children even exhibit better behavior, which may seem to be unrelated. This occured when the bad behavior was due to not getting enough high-quality sleep due to the adenoids causing sleep apnea. In some cases, only parts of the adenoids are removed due to potential complications if more tissue were to be removed. However, keep in mind that, with very young children, the adenoids may grow in size again even after removal, causing these problems to become worse again.

Potential Risks

There usually aren’t a lot of risks involved with adenoid removal-;just the risks involved with any surgery, including potential infections, bleeding, or allergic reactions to the anesthesia. This is typically an outpatient surgery, with the child going home after waking up from the anesthesia. There usually isn’t any need for stitches, but the patient may have a sore throat for up to three weeks. Children can often return to school within three to five days, but shouldn’t do anything very strenuous for at least a week. Ice packs and pain medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help with soreness and swelling of the throat, as can keeping hydrated with cool liquids.

Other Considerations

Adenoids typically shrink and disappear as children get older, and infections of the adenoids can often be treated with antibiotics. For this reason, some doctors recommend waiting before deciding to remove these glands. Adenoids typically help with fighting infection, so they do play an important role.

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