Portion Scales And The Food Processing Industries

When people purchase packaged food in Dallas TX, they are generally unaware of what this involves. While they may study the ingredients and look at the packaging, they glance over the consistency of the weight of these items. However, in the food industry, the exact weight of an item before processing and during packaging is extremely important. They need to be certain the amount of food in each package is the same. This is one reason they rely on portion scales.

The Portion Scale

The food industry must measure the products and items they package and sell. A portion scale is capable of measuring out the different substances/materials into a specific amount or portion. The design of a quality scale ensures accuracy and repeatability. It is extremely important that such scales be dependable in arriving at and dispensing such measurements.


Portion scales are available in diverse designs. Several models offer variations on the basic theme. Some provide companies with specialized innovations. The scales a company in Dallas TX may buy might have any of the following features:

* Portability
* Wireless capabilities
* Durability
* Ability to withstand harsh environments
* Versatile in accepting diverse weights and substances
* Speed
* Easy to clean
* Programmability
* Easy to monitor and supervise
* Can be upgraded to improve operational capabilities and to produce important and relative data

Such devices utilize electronic, springs and/or hydraulic, mechanical options. Operators can more easily manage them because of sophisticated instrumentation. This also allows them to handle such tasks as automated calibrations, data logging, and diagnostics in real time.

Food Processing and Portion Scales

Many industries in Dallas TX require scales to perform some form of measurement. In the food industries, it is imperative to ensure all portion sizes, and weights remain consistent. Repeatability and exactitude are necessary. To maintain high standards, food-processing concerns employ reputable and reliable portion scales.


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