Are Portable Truck Scales The Right Option For Your Dallas, TX Company?

Having the right equipment on hand to get the job done is important for efficiency and productivity in any Dallas, TX business. When it comes to truck scales, there is a big difference in price, flexibility, and versatility in full-length truck scales and portable options.

Portable truck scales are sometimes called portable wheel weighers or portable axle scales. As the name implies, these are much smaller and more lightweight scale options that can be as small as a briefcase and easy to have on hand in a truck or at a specific location. Others are made of steel and are an axle pad type of weighing system, ideal for temporary use or even continual use in a shipping facility.


The most accurate types of scales are the full-length truck scales. However, these aren’t always practical or cost effective for a Dallas, TX, business or company to have on-site. The price tag with these types of scales is also significant, so without the demand for extreme accuracy and loads across the scale on a daily basis, they may not be the most cost-effective or practical option.

Today’s styles of portable truck scales are also very accurate. There are different designs, but most are very low profile and easy to position and weigh trucks in a short period of time. They also offer a variety of ways to transmit and display data, which is essential for record keeping efficiency.

Weight Capacity

As with any type of weighing system, all portable truck scales will be rated to a specific maximum capacity. It is important to consider the weight of vehicles and loads that will be going across the scales. Overloading the scales will result in a shorter lifecycle for the scale and a great risk of inaccuracy or the need for constant calibration.


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