Popular Mini Excavator Attachments

Mini excavators are described as excavators that weigh less than 6 metric tons. Usually, they come with a bucket and nothing else. However, those who use them to do more than dig and move soil are not disappointed. They can accessorize their equipment. In fact, various companies focus on nothing else but producing mini excavator attachments for landscapers, homeowners and construction workers.


If you have a mini or compact excavator, chances are you have a few favorite attachments. What you use depends on the application. Different tasks demand a different piece of equipment. For mini excavators, a variety of attachments are available. Among the more common ones are:

* Adapters – This is a must-have attachment. It increases the number of different types of equipment an operator can attach to the mini excavator

* Augurs – These are for drilling precise holes for any number of projects, including fence poles

* Brush Cutters – for removing brush

* Buckets – These are the basic tool of any mini excavator. You can purchase them in different sizes and for specific functions to increase capacity

* Couplers

* Forestry Mulchers – These heavy duty mulchers can grind up trees as well as grass and shrubs

* Breakers – as the name indicates, these attachments are for smashing and demolishing objects

* Thumbs – also known as clamps, these devices prove useful for both landscaping and construction work to move debris working in conjunction with the bucket

Mini Excavator Attachments

Mini excavators are very popular pieces of equipment. Their ability to rotate 360 degrees and level of versatility makes them a common sight on various work sites. Although the basic model of most types of excavators arrives with only a bucket, those who use and love them are quick to add to the devices. With many different mini excavator attachments available suitable to all types and models of machines, it is easy to see why the popularity of this equipment is not about to fade any time soon.


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