Bed Size Matters

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Furniture


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People give beds their utmost attention because a bed is something, we spend a lot of time in. In addition, it is an important piece of furniture when decorating a bedroom.

With the availability of so many beds, how do you know what bed in Kalamazoo to buy?

Size Matters

When looking for a bed, the size of the bed matters.

A single bed is best suited for children or for someone renting a room. A single bed is also best for small rooms.

A double bed is the standard bed for two people, although it will be tight. Most people will purchase a double bed for just one person for maximum comfort.

A queen size bed is great for two people and is slightly longer than a double size bed. Many couples sleep well on a queen size bed.

The king size bed are large and can easily accommodate a couple and even some of their pets!


All mattresses will require a bed frame unless you just want the mattress to rest directly on the floor. A bed frame will support the mattress and hold it off the ground. Most people will purchase a bed frame, box spring, and a mattress.

As we get older having a bed frame will make it easier on the knees when climbing in and out of bed. Bed frames can easily be raised or lowered and adjusted to a comfortable height for the user.

Bed frames can also provide storage space under the bed and make it easier to clean around it.

In addition, keeping a mattress off the floor will also make it warmer as the ground will leach warmth from the bed.

One last benefit of having a bed frame is that it makes it less likely that bugs will climb into your bed and make themselves at home.

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