Pairing Long Island Rose Wine in Long Island NY With a Variety of Foods

A Long Island Rose Wine in Long Island NY may be delightful for people who prefer a lighter and somewhat sweeter variety. They may not know a great deal about grapes, soil, weather conditions and aging of wine. However, they appreciate the deliciously fruity flavor that is commonly more inviting to people who do not drink a great deal of this beverage.

Sampling Different Brands

Residents and visitors in the region may want to travel to some wineries on the island and sample different brands of rose produced there. Another option is to go to a store such as Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc. and buy a few bottles. A bottle of wine with 750 mL, which is the standard size, contains a little more than 25 ounces. A serving of wine is considered to be about five oz., so a bottle technically contains about five glasses of wine.

Wine With Dinner

Rose varieties are often appealing to men and women who find many kinds of wine to be too dry or to have some other quality they don’t care for. They might not drink much at all, but they’d like to have a glass of wine with dinner now and then, especially if they have guests in the home. A bottle of Long Island Rose Wine in Long Island NY is an excellent choice.

Pairing Rose With Food

As people become more familiar with wine, they may enjoy pairing their favorite varieties with certain foods. Culinary and wine experts tend to agree on many points regarding matching food and beverage varieties. Men and women who really like rose will be happy to hear that the light, sweet beverage goes with nearly any savory dinner or snack choice. The main caution might be not to serve it with sweeter food, since that may be a bit much.

Do the experts make any specific recommendations, though? Some encourage pairing rose with pizza, pasta and spicy chicken wings. Another group of suggestions is to include a glass of rose when eating a stir-fry with lots of vegetables, a meal of fish or shrimp, and a dinner omelet. Like us on Facebook.


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