Add To The Brand With Tin Wine Capsules

For higher-end wines from any vineyard or winery, having a distinctive look to the label, the bottle and even the capsule covering the cork is an important part of branding and marketing.

Consumers have come to see these elements as a sign of quality wine, and adding tin wine capsules instead of the more basic and common PVC or polylaminate capsules will set the bottle apart in the wine rack or on the shelf.

The look of tin is very different from plastics or other options. It also has a distinctive feel. Using tin also allows for embossing on the tin wine capsules, which is not possible with the plastic options. Tin is more costly, which is why it is associated with the premium brands of wine from both small and large wineries.

The Look

The luster of tin is evident on the capsule, giving almost an Old World look to the bottle. It has a hint of the past, when wines were bottled by hand and when top wines were extremely difficult to find.

Most wineries will choose specific colors for the tin capsules which also tend to be traditional. Royal blue, silver, white, purple, deep red and hunter green colors are common, often with silver or gold text and branding logos and design.

Printed, stamped or embossed elements on tin wine capsules further enhance the look, and then can make the bottle immediately stand out on the shelf.

The Benefits

In addition to the elegant look of the tin capsule, they are also a very effective option in protection for the cork. According to recent 2014 survey of sommeliers by the Tin Capsule Committee, the tin capsules were preferred by these professionals over other materials.

They are easy to cut cleanly, they do not create a sharp edge when opening the bottle, and they are also no easily damaged when the bottle is being moved or stored.


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