Packing Hacks From Top Movers In Memphis

Packing is always a challenge during a move. It doesn’t seem to matter how prepared you are or how many people are there to help; there is always a last-minute scramble to try to get everything packed safely and to have boxes marked and ready to go for moving day.

To help those who are doing their own packing for the move, here are some great tips from movers in Memphis that can make your packing much easier and limit any damage to items during the move.

Start Packing Early

It is easier to pack when you aren’t under time constraints. Start packing as early as possible and pack seasonal items, unused items, and rooms in the house that are not in use. Set a schedule so you can do a room a week until moving day.

Use New Packing Supplies

While it may be tempting to recycle boxes, and this can be a good idea for non-breakables, for fragile items always use new boxes and packing materials. Old boxes are more likely to collapse and break, particularly when loaded onto the truck.

Pack Similar Items Together

Try to keep items of the same size, weight, and material in the same box. For example, pack glasses together in one box rather than combining breakable glass with other kitchen utensils or pots and pans.

Don’t Overpack Boxes

The cost of the move quoted by long distance movers is for weight and distance, not for the number of boxes. There is no cost saving by putting more items in a box. In fact, overpacking a box is more likely to result in broken or damaged items.

Make Digital Inventories

Use your cell phone to snap pictures of the contents of boxes for easy inventory management. Number each box with a corresponding number on the content photo to provide a quick reference when unpacking at the destination.

Talk to your movers in Memphis and ask for tips, guides, and checklists that can help you to organize and manage your move.

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