Evaluating Movers Near Hickory, NC

For that small town feel not far from Charlotte, Hickory, NC, offers a great place to work, live, raise a family or even retire. As more people discover this gem of a city, movers in and around the Hickory area are increasingly busy with local and long-distance moves.

There are several different types of moving companies to hire. Choosing the right movers starts with understanding the requirements of the move and then comparing your options.

Small, Local Company or National Network

In Hickory, as in most areas, there will be small companies and national relocation services with local offices. These are two different types of moving services, and it is important to understand the differences.

Smaller local companies typically only complete local moves. These are moves that don’t go out of state and that typically don’t exceed a specific distance from the city. These companies usually have just a few employees and hire people to fill crews as needed.

National movers will complete local, and long-distance (out of state) moves. Some can even provide full international moving services. They have full-time employees, provide training and offer more services for their customers.

Licensed and Insured

Always verify that the moving company you are considering is fully licensed and insured. This is particularly important for long distance or international moving, but it can also be an issue with local moves as well.

If you have valuable, breakable or fragile items, talk to the relocation service and ask about safe packing and moving. Some companies offer crating services for art and other large items while others may provide specialized boxes and shipping containers for electronics, computers and other valuable items.

Take the time to compare what different moving services offer. This will help you to decide which company is best to handle your upcoming move.

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