Only The Best For Your Breast Reconstruction In Houston

The scariest word you can ever hear come from a doctor’s mouth is the word cancer. To most people it’s akin to saying ‘death sentence’. However modern medicine has made some serious advancement in terms of treating cancer. Sure, there isn’t an absolute cure yet, but treatments are becoming so successful that doctors can remove tumors and eliminate symptoms entirely. Unfortunately, one of the negative effects is having to undergo surgery which will permanently change your body. For breast cancer this can be quite terrible as you’re likely to lose one if not both of your breasts. But all is not lost because plastic surgery can save the day! Breast reconstruction is a common choice after having a mastectomy.

It Starts with a Great Surgeon

Having just any plastic surgeon do your breast reconstruction isn’t recommended. You should make sure they’re highly skilled and have experience doing the procedure. After all, this surgery will determine how your body looks for many years to come. It’s best not to leave that to an amateur. A good idea is to look at previous examples of breast reconstruction that the surgeon has done and determine if their skillset is right for you. Because your body deserves the best possible results and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

In Your Time of Need

Living without one of your breasts can be very uncomfortable while you await your plastic surgery. You may have difficulty sleeping on your side at first and may be too embarrassed to go out. While you should never feel ashamed of your body, it may help to know that in some cases you can have your breast reconstruction done while you’re undergoing your mastectomy. This means you’ll go into the operating room with both breasts and come out with both breasts. Really it’s a win-win scenario. You should check with your doctor and plastic surgeon to see if this is a possible option for you.

If you require breast reconstruction in Houston, contact the Texas Center for Breast & Body or visit them online at Website URL today. Follow us on our facebook page.


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