Ensuring you get the best corporate immigration attorneys

There are many companies in the US that rely on foreign talent, especially in technical and support leader roles. To get the foreign employee on board quickly, companies rely heavily on services provided by a corporate immigration attorney in Berks County PA. It is extremely important that those involved in HR in multi-national corporations are able to hire or transfer talent from abroad quickly and easily. There are a number of factors that are critical to take into account when looking for competent immigration legal services.

  • Experience: Look for an attorney that understands the visa issues that are unique to your industry, is the attorney accustomed to dealing with top level management in such diverse industries as financial services, biotech, energy, education, etc.
  • Specialization: There are many disciplines in the practice of law, it is extremely important that the attorney you hire is a specialist. A corporate immigration attorney in Berks County PA is one that is faced with extreme challenges that even attorneys involved in immigration issues such as asylum or removal are not faced with.
  • Services: There is numerous business immigration issues that have to be considered based on the situation. Your attorney must be familiar with issues such as temporary visas, non-immigrant visas, inter-company transfer of skilled personnel, investors, etc.
  • Fees: There are three fees associated with corporate immigration representation; the legal fee itself, various disbursement charges and fees which must be paid to the government. Typical in immigration law is a flat fee schedule which tends to eliminate inefficiencies which of course, are not in your best interests as the client.

Once you have found a corporate immigration attorney in Berks County PA, build a relationship that will ensure that as your business expands; you will be able to bring more highly skilled personnel into the US with the minimum of difficulty.


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