Office Space Rental in NYC that You Can Afford

Office space rental in NYC can be affordable. This may sound like it is just too good to be true but you can afford office space as long as you are flexible. The reality of real estate in Manhattan is in a word ridiculous. Businesses want that prestigious address that makes a great impression on clients and even competitors but the cost is just prohibitive. Twenty years ago the cost could be justified when everyone was crammed into offices in midtown everyday but today that cost is not quite as justifiable when everyone is mobile and moving.

How Can You Make It Affordable
Making office space more affordable means that you have to start thinking outside the box. Throw away the old way of thinking and consider what many other businesses are doing:

  • Short term office rentals (very short by the hour)
  • Coworking with other businesses
  • Space sharing with other businesses

In today’s fast paced world there really is no good reason that you have to maintain an office space on a full time basis. Most people telecommute, work from home at least part of the week or are out of the office the majority of the time anyway. Maintaining an office space full time for the occasional need to be there is a waste of resources. You can rent an office for the times that you need it. Coworking can work! Sharing costs and space is an easy solution when you want to save money. Space sharing is not only good for your wallet but it is also good for the resources that are available. Getting more out of the same space keeps costs down for everyone involved.

Sage Workspace has a full menu of options that can help make office space in Manhattan more affordable!

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